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MDAE Woodturning Courses

Ongoing classes in wood turning are available through the Mt. Diablo Woodturning Center, a division of the Mt. Diablo Adult Education Program. For more information about the center, its instructors, services and current classes go to: http://www.diablowoodturning.org/

2014 Fall Brochure for MDAE Pleasant Hill Woodturning Classes (in PDF format)

Woodturning 101, Introduction To Woodturning (95501001)
Come and learn about the fastest growing craft activity in the USA. You will learn about wood lathe operation, tools, and safest turning techniques. Class includes extensive written materials, fun turning activities of increasing complexity and projects to take home.
Skill Level: Beginning
Prerequisite: Willingness to learn something new and fun

Woodturning 201, Basic Bowl Turning (95502001)
The next step in woodturning is learning about new tools and techniques used to turn wooden bowls. Discussion will include information on good design and multiple techniques for mounting and turning.
Skill Level: Beginning
Prerequisite: WT 101, Introduction to Woodturning

Woodturning 301, Advanced Bowl Turning Techniques (95503001)
Learn to work with green wood, create artistic natural-edged and thin walled bowls and platters. Gain skills in mounting and turning techniques and surface embellishment. Primary tools: deep-fluted gouge and bowl and platter scrapers.
Skill Level: Intermediate
Prerequisite:WT 201

Woodturning, 401, Boxes & Hollow Vessels (95506001)
This course is for wood turners who desire to continue to advance their turning skills. Projects will teach the skills necessary for end grain turning, fitted lid boxes using jam chucks and careful tool manipulation. Learn hollow vessels (blind turning) using both hand held hollowing scrapers and laser-guided hollowing systems. – Instructor: Jan Blumer
Skill Level: Intermediate
Prerequisite:Woodturning 101, or permission of instructor

Sharpening Lathe Tools, (#95510001)
Learn to set up a sharpening system, discover sharpening techniques and sharpen your own wood turning tools. Students are encouraged to bring their tools and sharpening systems to evaluate and use. Session One – learn to set up a system and use fixtures and jigs. Session Two – learn hand sharpening techniques.
Skill Level: Beginning

Turning Wooden Pens, (#95511001)
Learn to turn both simple stick pens, American Slim and Euro style pens from commercial kits, build custom pen blanks, and explore advanced finishing techniques. Students may bring their own special pen kits; bushing and drill bits or turn from kits provided.
Skill Level: Beginning

Woodturning - Segmented Woodturning (#95505001)
Learn the basics of design, layout, and implementation steps and then complete segmented turned projects using specially designed fixtures. (Advanced projects for returning students.) Use our computer lab and state of the art software to design projects.

Platters from ¾ inch stock, (#95535001)
Thin platters are easy if you set the project up properly. Master this process while producing a family heirloom project. Bring your own fancy board and complete your own platter.
Skill Level: Intermediate
Prerequisite:Introduction to Woodturning

Spoons, Spatulas & Scoops, (#95513001)
Yes, you can turn these on a wood lathe! We will show you how to create tools for use in your own kitchen or shop. Special spindle turning techniques are the key to making these simple tools. Come and play!
Skill Level: Beginning
Prerequisite: WT 101, Introduction to Woodturning

Open Studio, (#95508001)
Friday morning in the time for independent work – it is a staple of our turning program. Come and work with expert coaches. Our vast selection of tools and accessories will allow you to undertake most project opportunities. Pay only of the session you attend.
Skill Level: ALL
Prerequisite: Safety orientation by instructor

A Decorated Bowl, (#95509001)
Take bowl turning to the next level by adding a decorative element to an otherwise plain bowl. Rim and body decorations will be discussed including beading, coloring, pyrography and other techniques. Start creating gallery quality work with these techniques.
Skill Level: Intermediate
Prerequisite:WT 201, Basic Bowl Turning or permission of instructor

Special Interest Woodturning Group, (#95500001)
A free demonstration and discussion group meeting monthly to visit, learn, and share their work and ideas. Professional demonstrations and show and tell are monthly activities. The coffee pot is always on for these get-to-gathers.
Skill Level: ALL

Spindle Projects for the Kitchen, (#95513001)
Perfect your spindle turning skills while creating fun and functional kitchen accessories. We will turn several useful kitchen tools including a soup stirrer, French rolling pin, spatula, and wooden spoons.
Skill Level: Beginning
Prerequisite: WT 101, or permission of instructor

The skew chisel is the most versatile tools in the turner’s kit. We will explore and practice using the five basic cuts while building fun projects.
Skill Level: Beginning

Turning Matched Sets For Fun & Profit, (#95507001)
This course offers wood turners duplicate turnings skills and practice necessary for sets of candle sticks, chairs legs, stretchers, and other sets of objects. Focus will be on advanced use of tools such as skew chisel, spindle gouge and on sizing and layout practices.– Jim Rodgers, Instructor
Skill Level: Intermediate
Prerequisite: WT 101, or equivalent experience

Woodturning - Miniature Bowls & Hollow Vessels, (#95524001)
Students will learn to make miniature bowls & hollow vessels under 2.5 inches in diameter, Instruction will include preparing small blanks, tool selection, and special techniques for turning small items. Alternate materials will also be presented.
Skill Level: Intermediate
Prerequisite: WT 101, or instructor's approval

Woodturning - Three-Legged Stool, (#95522001)
Turn a small stool - seat and three legs - on the lathe. Work from drawings provided or design your own. Develop skill in completing more complex spindle shapes and duplicating them!
Skill Level: Intermediate
Prerequisite: Woodturning

Woodturning - Turning Stick Pens, (#9552101)
Turn easy, fun, CHEAP writing pens from inexpensive BIC disposable ball point refills and long sticks of wood. Learn to mount, drill, shape, and finish - all without mandrels or commercial kits.
Skill Level: Beginning

Turning Christmas Ornaments, (#95540001)
Learn to make tree ornaments using custom hade hollowing tools. Learn how to shape a perfect spherical ornament and hollow is to a uniform wall. Complete the project by turning delicate finials and assembling the project.
Skill Level: Intermediate

Turning Christmas Ornaments Student Handout (in PDF format)