Exotic Segmented Vessel
Hand-on Workshop

Sharpening Lathe Tools
A hands-on sharpening course for all lathe tools in routine use. Jigs, fixtures and hand sharpening methods will be demonstrated and tried by the participants.

Introduction to Woodturning
A beginning course in the safe use of the wood lathe and its tools including completion of a bud vase project.

Basic Bowls
A beginning course on the use of the bowl gouge by turning a finished edge dry wood bowl using both a scroll chuck and a jam chuck.

Using the Skew Chisel
A course focused on developing specific skills in mastering the five basic cuts of the skew chisel. Course will also discuss sharpening and honing techniques.

Designing for Segmented Woodturning
Learn how to design and layout a segmented project using graph paper or computer software to generate cut list and assembly plans

Pen Turning
The basics of turning wood pens from commercial kits.