Exotic Segmented Vessel
2014 Summer Master Class - Jerry Kermode

The Bay Area Woodturners Association and the Mt. Diablo Adult Education Woodturning Center Presents the Summer Masters series

A woodturning “get dirty & make stuff” week with Jerry Kermode

Here is what will be covered:

Day 1 (Green wood work)
Bead & coves, a carving mallet, Weed pot, mushrooms, duplicating spindle

Day 2 (Mostly with green wood)
Finding the bowl in the log, making a small bowls, turning a dry plate

Day 3 (green wood again)
Multi-axis experiments, turning a perfect ball – easily, a natural edge bowl

Day 4
Open studio – what do you want (need) to work on? You choose, Jerry says that this is about a lot of do more turning – less talking


Artist Statement:

Jerry Kermode"Jerry believes strongly that his responsibility in being given a beautiful piece of wood is as a display artist, finding the shape that most celebrates the soul of the tree. Wood is meant to look like wood; the form must maintain that belief of mine. Whether turning bowls or building furniture or cabinets, this has always been true for me. The grain of the wood comes first, my design flows from that. Jerry's fascination with form grew out of a love of the sea; waves and wind are a constant source of inspiration. His joy in turning is in his never-ending search for the perfect shape married to the grain and character of the wood."

"We have a love affair with trees; their continued growth is as important as the joy of turning. Jerry searches out recycled trees and logs from sustainable harvesting operations. Each piece is hand-carved on a lathe, using the grain of the wood and its character traits as guides. The vessel is rough turned to 1/2” thick, allowed to air dry for many months and then finish-turned to a thickness appropriate to the design. A stitching technique developed by Jerry is included when appropriate to the function and the form, and the bark is reinforced with glue. After he sands to 1200 grit and applies a coat of Danish oil, Deborah burnishes with steel wool and carnauba wax. In this way the tree is allowed to extend itself beyond its rooted existence, through our hands into yours."